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This page is just a collection of links to parts of my past, present, and future:

UCSD Chancellor's Spotlight on Neuroscience

UCSD Faculty Expertise Page

My Klugie Page

Swarm Development Group

Spring Retreat for Cognitive Neuroscience 2007

San Diego Tribune article

University of California -- Human Sciences and Complexity

APSA Dissertation Prize

Keynote address at the College of William and Mary Neuroscience Symposium

Solomon Asche Center Post-Doc

UCSD's Warren College

Sante Fe Institute's Graduate Workshop in Computational Economics

UCSD Neuroethics Week 2007

UCLA Working Group on Awe-Inspiring Exeriences

UC Davis Institute of Government Affairs Talk 2006

UCLA Chancellor's Academic Border Crossing Grants

University of San Diego School of Law Colloquia

The Klugie Homepage

UCLA Human Complex Systems 2002 Conference

PolMeth 2002

International Society for Political Psychology 2007 Conference

Affect Effect edited volume from University of Chicago

Grutter Institute for Law and Behavioral Research

UC Irvine's Social Dynamics

UCSD Political Science Faculty Page

Metanexus Institute Grant

UCLA Graduate Quarterly Profile

Princeton Cognitive Science Talk 2004

Cocktail Party model from Santa Fe Institute

Sage Handbook of Non-Verbal Communication

Office: Department of Politics, Amory B216, Rennes Drive, Exeter, Devon, EX4 4RJ, United Kingdom
E-mail: darren.schreiber@gmail.com
Twitter: @polneuro